Behavioral Clues at Crime Scenes

Dr. Katherine Ramsland

June 25, 2022 – 11:00 – 12:30 EST – $35.00 Crime scenes always tell a story, which shows up most clearly in behavioral clues. This can mean anything from signatures that link crimes to indicators of staged crimes to predictors of dangerous future behavior. This session shows writers how to spot and interpret behavioral clues … Read more

Forensic Psychiatry, Murder, LAPD Lipstick, and Memorable Characters

Forensic Psychiatry, Murder, LAPD Lipstick, and Memorable Characters

April 24, 2021 – $99 *To receive your link to access this course, please fully complete the registration by clicking each button at the top right of the page (Meet Your Instructors and Zoom Access & Schedule). At the bottom of each of those pages check “Complete.” Completing these steps provides access to the Zoom … Read more

Search Dogs, Search Warrants, a Search for Words, and Lies

Search Dogs Search Warrants a Search for Words and Lies

February 27, 2021 – $99 Three renowned professionals share intimate knowledge of K-9 search and rescues and the recovery of human remains; laws and procedures governing search warrants, pursuits, and police use of force; how detectives use the words of suspects and witnesses—nouns, pronouns, extra words, missing words—to detect deception or hidden information. At the … Read more

Criminal Investigations: Writing Believable Make-Believe

Writers Police Academy Online

NEW IN 2021! – $99 Class begins January 23, 2021 Three of the country’s top investigators and forensics experts present detailed sessions on cybercrimes and security, 3D crime-scene mapping using drones and lasers, and an in-depth, behind the scenes chronicling of what happens when a victim of sexual assault seeks care in a hospital setting. … Read more