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Getting Into Your Story: An Editor’s Perspective

The editor of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine shares her observations of common problems she sees in the stories that get rejected and discusses one technique to address some of those problems.

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Instructor: Linda Landrigan

When: Saturday July 13th at 1 p.m. EST

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Previous Live Classes

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Developmental Editing from an Agent’s Point of View, & Query Letters and Agent Submission Tips

What a developmental edit covers and how it helps authors polish their manuscripts.

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The Craft of Television Writing

A look at the steps of writing a television episode.

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Digital Publishing Academy

Bookouture Editor Susannah Hamilton will talk about all things digital publishing, including what works well in digital, a look at the different stages of editing, and a brief foray into crime and thriller genre nuances for the digital market.

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Fiction Forensics: Self-Editing

Lee Lofland and Gareth Jones from AutoCrit lead you through a helpful guide to self-editing your books.

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Creating Plots for Page Turners

This unique session is a rare opportunity to learn from one of today’s top authors! Learn how to keep your readers hooked from the beginning to the end of your story.

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Behavioral Clues at Crime Scenes

Crime scenes always tell a story, which shows up most clearly in behavioral clues.

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Forensic Psychiatry, Murder, LAPD Lipstick, & Memorable Characters

In this illuminating session, acclaimed forensic and perinatal psychiatrist, Susan Hatters Friedman, M.D., describes common misunderstandings about her field of forensic psychiatry when it appears in crime fiction.

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Search Dogs, Search Warrants, a Search for Words, and Lies

This course will describe the general legal standards for the use of force by police such as warrants, including anticipatory, knock, and No Knock, warrants and pursuits.

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Criminal Investigations: Writing Believable Make-Believe

Three of the country’s top investigators and forensics experts present sessions on cybercrimes and  3D crime-scene mapping; learn what happens when a sexual assault victim seeks care in a hospital setting.

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Mystery and Murder: Transforming Reality into Fantastic Fiction

Journey into the minds of three top forensic experts and a #1 bestselling author.

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