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January 23, 2021

Live Course

January 23, 2021 -  Criminal Investigations: Writing Believable Make-Believe : This daylong live and interactive seminar features detailed instruction in cyber crime and security, crime scene mapping using lasers and drones, sexual assault investigations. As a bonus, USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Lisa Regan tells how to use the elements of fiction to craft a gripping crime novel.

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10:30 - Login and Test
10:45 - Welcome

11:00 - 12:20 - Digital Breadcrumbs: Tracking People in Cyberspace ~ Instructor, Josh Moulin

12:20 - 12:50

12:50 - 2:10 - Sexual Assault: When a Victim Seeks Care in a Hospital Setting ~ Karmen Harris, RN, SANE-A

2:20 - 3:40 - Using 3D Laser Scanners and Drones to Document Crime Scenes ~ Instructor, RJ Beam

3:50 - 5:10 - Creating Dynamic Crime Fiction: How to use the elements of fiction to craft a gripping crime novel ~ Instructor, Lisa Regan

5:10 - Final words

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Criminal Investigations: Writing Believable Make-Believe

Three of the country’s top investigators and forensics experts present detailed sessions on cybercrimes and security, 3D crime-scene mapping using drones and lasers, and an in-depth, behind the scenes chronicling of what happens when a victim of sexual assault seeks care in a hospital setting.


Mystery and Murder- Transforming Reality into Fantastic Fiction

Mystery and Murder: Transforming Reality into Fantastic Fiction

In this daylong seminar you'll learn tips, tactics, and techniques used by three acclaimed crime scene investigation and forensic psychology professionals. Then, #1 bestselling author Tami Hoag wraps up the event with an amazing workshop detailing how to carefully weave CSI knowledge into your story.


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